Cinzia Viganò

Thanks to a thirty-year experience in the export field, she has developed a deep knowledge of the commercial documentation and of Documentary Credits, customs regulations and Vat issues. She has acquired a thorough understanding of the financial packages offered by ECAs (Credit Export Agencies) and of all documentation needed in order to obtain the financial and insurance coverage.

Marta Lanfranchi

A long-lasting experience in the administrative-financial field enables her to advise businesses and banks in the implementation and management of the documentation necessary to gain access to export credit and financing facilities. She also gives her support in the maintenance and development of the client database and in the marketing research.

Shariel Gun

Since September 2016 he has been SCB Market Traders’s representative in Israel, with a view to developing a sound contact network between Israeli companies and potential Italian or international purchasers and/or investors who might have look at the Israeli market with a certain interest. He worked in the security field in Israel. He was advisor to the General Manager of the Israel Lands Authority, consultant and then cabinet secretary of the former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, secretary of the Board of the Israeli Railway, counsellor of KKL in Israel and counsellor at Wingate Institute. At present he holds also the position of General Manager of KKL Italia Onlus.